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What makes Knup Domains different from other domain brokers?

  • At Knup Domains, we specialize in premium domains, particularly focusing on .com extensions. Our expertise in key industries such as sports, betting, gambling, casino, web3, crypto, and one-word domains sets us apart. We also offer a personalized approach, leveraging our extensive network, relationships, and direct communication with decision makers to maximize value for both buyers and sellers.

How do I access the full list of domains for sale?

  • Simply enter your email address on our website’s “Domains for Sale” page, and you’ll receive exclusive access to our comprehensive domain name list. It features premium domains curated for their value and market potential, covering a wide range of industries and niches.

Why is a .com extension important, and why does Knup Domains focus on it?

  • The .com extension is widely recognized and preferred by businesses and consumers due to its inherent trust and authority. At Knup Domains, we invest in .com domains to ensure that our offerings meet the highest standards of credibility, visibility, and marketability.

Which industries does Knup Domains specialize in?

  • We specialize in a range of industries, including sports, betting, gambling, casino, web3, crypto, and one-word domains. However, our inventory extends beyond these industries to cover various sectors and niches, constantly adapting to meet evolving market needs.

How does the seller side brokerage service work at Knup Domains?

  • Our seller side brokerage service starts with a personalized approach. We identify qualified end users who will derive the most value from your domain and engage in direct communication with decision makers. Our goal is to maximize the value of your domain by presenting a clear narrative and targeted marketing strategy to potential buyers.

What is the commission structure for selling a domain through Knup Domains?

  • Our commission is a success fee, meaning you only pay when we successfully sell your domain. The commission is 15% of the final sale price, with a minimum fee of $1,500. We require an exclusive brokerage agreement to present a clear and concise narrative about your domain, creating the best environment for a successful sale.

How does the buyer side brokerage service work at Knup Domains?

  • Our buyer side brokerage service is designed to help individuals, companies, startups, and investors find and acquire the perfect domain name. We leverage our network, tools, and expertise to identify and negotiate with domain owners on your behalf, ensuring a smooth acquisition process.

How does Knup Domains determine the value of a domain name?

  • Our team at Knup Domains has years of experience and industry insights, enabling us to provide reliable domain name valuation services. We utilize various factors, including market trends, industry relevance, brand potential, and our industry-standard valuation methodology, such as the renowned Rosener Equation™.

Are domain acquisitions and transactions at Knup Domains confidential?

  • Absolutely. At Knup Domains, we prioritize confidentiality throughout the entire domain acquisition and transaction process. Your identity remains anonymous during negotiations, and we ensure secure transfers with trusted escrow agents.

How do I get started with Knup Domains?

  • Getting started is easy! Simply reach out to us through our contact page or by using the provided contact information. Our team will guide you through the process, whether you’re looking to buy a premium domain or sell your valuable domain asset. We’re here to help you maximize your domain-related goals and achieve success.